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Graduate & Alumni

Video: Hanson College – Daljit Kaur, talks about her experience at Hanson and why she loves it here.
Because we are committed to student success at Hanson College, we would like hear from our students about their success after they graduate with a prestigious Cambrian College diploma or certificate. Whether students decide to apply for continuing education in Canadian universities or apply for employment in Canada, we are confident that our students, with their skills, knowledge, and abilities, will be successful in their lives after Hanson. Hearing from our alumni provides important information and encouragement to our whole college community; including students, staff, and instructors.

Successful Students and Alumni

Lily Teng

Her secret to success? Show up to class all the time. She has a near-perfect attendance record, and she claims that it’s the reason why she has been so successful at Hanson. One of her favourite teachers, Pat, has a saying that resounded to her: CTC – ComeTo Class! | Lily Teng

Jeevan Gudivada

Although he already has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering in India, he wanted to go beyond his comfort zone and explore an entirely different field of study. Jeevan is a man of vision: he sets goals for himself and gives his all for everything he does. Jeevan Gudivada

Andrew Li

Andrew Li graduated from Hanson in May 2015, and has since established his own business, Myst Escape, a theme-based gaming arena in Richmond. As one of the first of its kind in British Columbia, Myst Escape hosts over 8,000 square feet in playable area with 5 different themes.Andrew Li

Ethan and Tina

“I have met many friends at Hanson, and experienced the beauty of multicultural life,” | Ethan

“As a student, and now an employee with Hanson, I have been here for more than two years, and am therefore emotionally connected to our school,” Tina

Peer Mentoring

Here at Hanson no student is left to be an island to themselves. Our excellent peer mentoring team is always here to provide additional academic support, and to make fellow students feel part of a cohesive academic community.Peer Tutors