Featured: Academic Insights’ Top 10 Colleges in Canada

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We were featured in Academic Insights’ E-Magazine (hooray) as one of the top Canadian colleges (top 10!) for students in India – check out the full article below!

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With international education growing every year, and with institutions of higher learning mushrooming across various countries. The quality of education is diversifying, and, thus colleges are increasing their international student intake. As Indians, the benefits of taking up courses in international locations are strategic and immense, both academically and fiscally. Schools that embrace a more global outlook stand to reap substantial benefits as demand for education is increasing with demographic changes. Every year, the mobile student population increases by around 8%, and therefore, by 2025, the number of international students will total more than 8 million worldwide. All this diversification is leading to increased competitiveness among top Canadian colleges, and institutions across the globe, resulting in various options for competing global talents to choose from, and find a career path. One such institution which works rigorously day in and day out, working in the favor of welcoming global talent and thus giving back trained and abled professionals of tomorrow back to the society, Hanson College – Canada, comes as a ray of hope for budding academicians looking for a dream educational opportunity.

Built on the banks of Fraser River, and, surrounded by serene and scenic views at the offering, Hanson College has become an inclusive hub for learning and growth. Furthermore, working on the fact that international students come to Canada, with a dream of eventually becoming citizens, the college keeps itself up to date and well-equipped, in the journey of making their students, achieve their dreams and goals.

Established in the year 2013, Hanson College offers excellent learning opportunities and education to international students, guiding them a through a high-caliber, practical-learning environment in the heart of the most happening metropolitan hub of Canada.

Academic excellence redefined

Keeping the goal of providing world-class education and guidance to students at the forefront, the college relies on their esteemed faculty to provide students with relevant teaching and learning, as per the industry demands and trends. Faculty themselves being renowned industry experts and academicians, act as mentors, guiding students on all walks of life, be it professional or personal. Moreover, due to the immense support the students receive from their faculty, students find role models in their very own teachers, striving and working in unison in keeping the brand value of the college intact, thus giving back to society effectively.

During a brief conversation, we had with the Regional Vice President at Hanson, we posed as budding students, who are currently looking for a dream career abroad, and thus, tried our best to get answers to the most asked questions pertaining to the current-gen. In one such instance, we asked the Vice President, the most important question – ‘Why Hanson?’. Quiet calm, and yet, ecstatic in his response, he stated – “Our programs are designed to ensure that students always remain in a fulltime status and never have to worry about being waitlisted for courses”. He further added to his earlier statement by saying – “Our expedited semester system allows students to complete their studies in record time and begin their new lives in Canada”. Getting such a response to the question posed, we conveniently moved on with our conversation.

Boosting the aspect of relevant employment in every day to day activity on campus, the college with the help of industry professionals, and, the onboard faculty, boasts of one of the most curated curricula. Inculcating all the right aspects of professional knowledge, yet, laying equal emphasis on practical learning and personality development, students are boosted towards a successful career ahead of them. The college also is a hotspot for promoting outside the classroom activities such as career workshops in how to excel in interviews with classes showing how to explore inner personality inventories, resume writing workshops and so on. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, classrooms, and, amenities made available to the students, every student relish every minute spent on campus, thus, giving Hanson College its due credit for being an exemplary place for learning and growth.

Committed towards excellence

Offering the best up to date curricula, Hanson College currently hosts 2 programs – a 2-year diploma in business and a 2-year diploma in tourism. The impressive industry-academia connect existing on campus, results in various public/private partnerships with renowned universities and colleges across Canada and the world. This strong relationship with fellow educators helps Hanson imbibe new-gen topics such as Macroeconomics, Organizational Behavior, Applied Marketing, Destination Products in the curriculum, ensuring students get valuable work experience even before graduating. These strong connections also help students land internships and job opportunities across a wide range of corporates and industries, putting them one step closer to their dreams.

Additionally, taking crisis situations like the current pandemic in a stride, the college effortlessly transitioned through the phase change of face-to-face teaching/learning to online-based. The already existing ICT-enabled infrastructure facilitated Hanson with this smooth transition, thus getting used to the new norm.

Concluding the whole conversation, the Vice President stated the importance of student safety at the institution and spoke about every precaution towards a guaranteed healthy and safe college environment. Lastly, he showed his eagerness and excitement towards welcoming new students into the college, promising them of a journey filled with learning and growth, towards citizenship and success.

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