Reading Skills and Strategies

Student with backpack behind her back standing and reading a book in the library

As a student, you will be reading thousands upon thousands of words this semester. In order to help you get the most out of your course materials, we have gathered a variety of resources with reading tips, tricks and techniques.

YouTube– There are countless videos available to you through YouTube to learn better reading strategies. Check out this video on speed reading techniques.

SQ4R Reading Method– When you are reading material with a lot of new ideas, the SQ4R Reading Method can help you process that information to make sure you are understanding the important concepts. 

PrepStep– Do you enjoy learning through online tutorials? Check out this course on Reading Strategies for Class available to you through PrepStep. If you haven’t signed-up for PrepStep yet, learn how to register here

In the following presentation, Louis Leung from the Academic Department provides students with tips on how to improve your reading. He will show you how to capture the main ideas of what you are reading so that you can do better in your courses. 

Do you have questions relating to Reading Skills and Strategies? The Student Services team is here for you! Contact us at and let us know what we can help you with.

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