Understanding Your Online Resources

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Are you feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the resources available to you as a Hanson College student? Although some of these online resources can overlap in their content, their main goal is to help you succeed academically as well as in your career and personal life. Keep reading for a short introduction and summary to better understand what each of these websites can do for you.

The Online Libraries

When you need to find academic sources for your class assignments and essays, use these two online libraries as the research engines for books, journal articles, and more.

EBSCO: As a Hanson student you need to access EBSCO through your Campus Login account. In order to get to Campus Login, you can click on the Campus Login link under “Student Portals” at the top of the Student Resource Centre webpage, or you can access your student account from the main Hanson College website. After you sign in, on the left-hand side, click on “Hanson Online Library” which will take you to the page with the links to the EBSCO search engine. You can filter your search results for books, journal articles, newspapers, and even magazines!

The Online Learning Resources

If you are interested in online courses and tutorials on a wide variety of subjects/topics, this section is for you! Not only do the websites below have extensive materials for college success, they also have fun and informative courses/tutorials too.

The Learning Portal: The Learning Portal is a great hub for all things academic with a little bit of career and life skills mixed in. Each topic will have its own page with different modules for you to explore. There are also all kinds of short video tutorials, tips, and even links to more resources. Topics range from study skills, writing, and digital skills just to name a few.

PrepStep: This online resource is similar to The Learning Portal. On PrepStep, you can access practice sets, tutorials, eBooks, and flashcards. Some topics for you to explore here are: math, English, career preparation, basic computer skills, and even English placement preparation. You will need to register with PrepStep in order to be able to access their online resources.

Grammarly Premium: Use this digital writing App to instantly improve your written assignments. Simply copy&paste, upload or type your document into the App, and it will highlight recommended changes in spelling, grammar, word choice, and more. It can even help identify plagiarism in your paper! If you haven’t registered yet, follow the instructions emailed to you by Student Services to sign up. 

We hope these resources help you in every and any area of your life as a Hanson College student!

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